Ao Kanda (神田 蒼, Kanda Ao) is one of the supporting characters in the Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. series. She was Yoshida's high school senior and ex-girlfriend. At present, they are colleagues working for the same IT company.


Ao is a beautiful young woman with short, messy black hair, purple eyes and she has a distinctive beauty mark near her mouth on the right side.

She typically wears business casual workwear consisting of short-sleeved plain polo, women's slacks, and heeled shoes.


Ao is the type of woman who has a contradictory personality. Although she is always bright and cheerful, she also radiates an aura of mystery around her which is hard for people to discern, even to those who are close to her. Yoshida considers her personality as beguiling which makes her more attractive.[1] She exhibits great self-confidence as evidenced when she first introduced herself to her new colleagues after being transferred.[2]

In her past relationship with Yoshida, she can be considered as the dominant one between the two of them. She was also known for having no restraint when it came to sex. Just a couple of weeks after she and Yoshida started dating, she always wanted to make love with him [1] that she used to insist to Yoshida not to use condom every time they do it.[3]


When Ao was in high school, she was a pitcher for the softball team and she was also beautiful which gained her many admirers, including Yoshida who was in the baseball team. They started to date after Yoshida's confession, but their relationship was cut short when Ao graduated and vanished in thin air.[1] Nearly a decade later, they were reunited with each other when Ao, who was, in fact, working for the same company as Yoshida, was transferred from Sendai branch to Tokyo.[2]



Yoshida is Ao's ex-boyfriend and colleague. A year older than Yoshida, they were acquainted with each other due to Ao being a pitcher for the softball team and Yoshida a member of the baseball team. They dated for a short while and when Ao graduated, she suddenly went missing and ghosted Yoshida thus breaking off their relationship.[1] After almost a decade, they met again as Ao was actually working on the same company as Yoshida and was transferred to his branch.[2] Ao is implied to be still in love with Yoshida as her current wallpaper in her smartphone features a high schooler Yoshida who was faced backwards.[4]


  • The name Ao means "blue, pale" (蒼).
  • Ao's surname Kanda means "god" (神) (kan) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).


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