Asami Yuuki (結城 あさみ, Yuuki Asami) is one of the supporting characters in the Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. series. She is a high school gal and Sayu Ogiwara's best friend who works in the same part-time job at a convenience store in Tokyo.


Asami is a cute and young high school girl with dyed blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a lightly tanned skin, slender body and a smaller chest compared to Sayu Ogiwara, both of whom are of the same age.

She has a total of four piercings, consisting of a pair of studs and earrings. She wears the staff uniform when working at FamilyMarket and while off-duty, she is typically seen wearing her high school uniform with a sweater wrapped around her waist.


Asami's racy, intense, and free-spirited personality was highly influenced by the gal subculture and to embrace this non-conformity. She dyed her hair to blonde, tanned her skin, and adapted the gal language, "gyaru-go," into her daily speech. However, there are times where she subconsciously switches to standard Japanese, especially when she's talking seriously or when she is angry. Later on, she admitted that she started being a gal to get her distant parents' attention.[1]

Asami is a compassionate and reasonable type of person. She gets along well with others and is particularly fond and protective of Sayu Ogiwara, but does not pry too much on her private life more than she needs to. She is smart and consistently has good grades in school. Also, she is very perceptive and can easily see through other people's lies.


Asami is born to a well-off family in Tokyo. Her father is a politician while her mother is a lawyer.[1] Currently, she is a third-year high school student who works part-time at a convenience store near her neighborhood. When Sayu Ogiwara started her new job at the convenience store, she was welcomed by Asami, who was very ecstatic to have the cute, new girl as her colleague.[2]


Sayu Ogiwara

Sayu is Asami's best friend and colleague in her part-time job.[2] Sayu quickly became friends with Asami the moment they first met each other. As both of them are of the same age[3] and work at a part-time job together, it was not difficult for them to form a bond with each other. Asami is very protective of Sayu and as time went by, the two developed a close, sister-like relationship and often study together during their breaks.[4]


Yoshida is like a big brother and a friend to Asami. They first met when Asami insisted to visit Sayu's place and meet the person she was living with.[2] Asami quickly saw through the false backstory made by Sayu and confronted Yoshida, who refused to elaborate details about Sayu. Asami respected Yoshida's decision and gave him a warning regarding Sayu's deceptiveness. Yoshida was once curious if Asami ever gets tired with her "gal" way of speaking and used it to tease her.[3] Although they often bicker at each other, Asami thinks highly of Yoshida and trusts him in taking care of Sayu.

Kyouya Yaguchi

Asami and Kyouya have known each other for quite some time, as they both work together in the convenience store. Asami considers him a creep and is aware of his true nature although she does not pry too much into it. Despite Kyouya's personality, Asami still respects him to a degree as a colleague.


  • Asami's surname Yuuki means "tie, bind" (結) (yuu) and "castle" (城) (ki).


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