"Part-Time Job" (バイト, Baito) is the fourth episode of the Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. anime television series.



On her knees, Sayu requests Yoshida for his permission to be allowed to get a job. Nonchalantly, he agrees to it which surprises Sayu for his quick response and acceptance as she's supposed to only do chores around the house. When asked if she had any particular place in mind by Yoshida, Sayu answers she's interested in the store nearby the house called ComFort. Happy about Sayu's decision to get a job, Yoshida also notes that Sayu may find other people there that are around her age and make some new friends as well.

On the first day of her new job, Sayu is shown the ropes of the job by her senior Asami Yuuki, who insists that Sayu not be so polite and call her simply "Asami". By dusk, the two get ready to go home and Asami inquires where Sayu happens to live, to which, she answers it's 5-minutes away from their job. Intrigued that it's same for her, Asami asks to one day be shown her place, but Sayu refuses due to the "person" she's living with might not want that. The conversation escalates to Sayu heavily insinuating that she's living with a boyfriend, but she insists that that's not the case, that the person is just a brother figure to her. In light of all of that, Asami decides to visit Sayu's house and see who her "brother" is. While at work, Yoshida gets a text from Sayu about the situation involving Asami coming over which leaves him flabbergasted. Both Yuzuha and Hashimoto both find out about the text and talk about it, while their conversation is in audible range to Airi.

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That night, Yoshida arrives home and is immediately gauged by Asami who rates him as a "hot older dude". Asami then introduces herself to Yoshida and opines that Yoshida seems to be a decent fellow at least. Once they're settled in the living room, Yoshida tells Asami a fabricated story that Sayu and him are childhood friends with a 9-year gap between them. Sayu who was washing the dishes, listens in on the conversation, and chimes in when more details to clarify the story are needed. During the story, Yoshida almost lets the truth slip out and in his pregnant pause, Sayu announces that dinner is ready. Impressed by the meal Sayu cooked up, Asami compliments it as delicious, and notes how lucky Yoshida is for having Sayu cook his meals. After the meal, Asami denotes how small Yoshida's room is, whom notes that it'd be bigger once Asami is gone. In a retort, Asami calls Yoshida her soulmate, which upsets Yoshida and makes Sayu laugh on how well the two are getting along. Deciding to leave, Asami asks that Yoshida walk home with her, to which, he begrudgingly agrees. Sayu also tries to tag along, but Asami states that she needs to stay since it's a man's job to escort a woman home. On their walk, Asami points out the obvious lie involving Sayu and him and wants to know the truth to their relationship together. Although Yoshida inadvertently confirms their relationship isn't all true, but affirms that he is in fact a big brother figure to her. Relieved to hear that from Yoshida, Asami compliments him as a good guy and from there walks home by herself. Before they part ways, they talk with each other more and Yoshida requests that Asami be Sayu's friend, which amuses her. One piece of advice that Asami gives is that Sayu has different kinds of "smiles" and that Yoshida should be careful of them. The two then part ways ways as Yoshida is left perplexed by Asami's comment.

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The following night at the IT Company that Yoshida works at, Yoshida finishes up his work for the day. Right as he was about to send a text to Sayu, Airi approaches Yoshida and invites him to come with her. Once again, Airi takes Yoshida to the same restaurant as before, and questions his relationship with Yuzuha and his reason for turning down a business trip. Before Yoshida answers Airi's question, he demands to know why Airi cares about his personal affairs and refuses to answer her question until she answers his. In response to that, Airi sheepishly answers that its because she likes him. Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Sayu prepares dinner for that night, but is shocked to find out that once again, Yoshida is having dinner with Airi. So, Sayu responds with, "Roger. Have fun." and laments that the food she made tasted so good too. Back to Yoshida and Airi, it's revealed that Airi lied about being in a relationship with someone for over 5 years. Pressed further for more information by Yoshida, Airi details that her "intuition" told her to wait. However, Yoshida believes that Airi is bluffing to him thinking she's just making fun of him. Airi refutes that notion and asks what it'd take to prove it to him and Yoshida requests that they sleep together. The request left Airi aghast by the request, Yoshida then said that he was bluffing, but Airi admits that she's a virgin. In response to the confession, Yoshida begs for forgiveness for his impertinent request and asks that Airi not lie to him. To that point, Airi confesses that she really does have feelings for him, and if he wants to do it, however, Yoshida admits he was lying. This causes an awkward silence between the two. Breaking the silence, Yoshida claims, he'll never ask Airi out again, but when the time is right, he asks that Airi ask him out instead. After listening to Yoshida's reasoning, Airi admits that she understands and promises to one day ask him out. Now changing the subject, Airi asks for an answer that she asked Yoshida earlier.

Returning to Yoshida's apartment, Sayu eats the dinner she made and notes how it tastes. She then notes how "lonely" she feels, triggering a flashback that causes her to have an anxiety attack and causes her to rush into the restroom to vomit. Yoshida then sends a text to Sayu detailing that he's coming home with Airi, however, Sayu misinterprets this as being kicked out, but he reassures her that all she does is want to meet her. This clarification left Sayu perplexed.


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