Odagiri (小田切, Odagiri) is a minor character in the Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. series. He is a section manager and Yoshida's superior.


Odagiri is an old man with kempt hairstyle and he is always on corporate attire.


Although Odagiri is in a high position, he is soft-spoken and kind to his subordinates.


Odagiri is a senior employee and section manager at the IT company where he is the direct superior of Yoshida, Hashimoto, Yuzuha, Endou and other employees, but a subordinate to Airi Gotou.



Yoshida is a subordinate of Odagiri who is held in high esteem by him for his dedication on work as an employee. Odagiri always chose him to attend business trips until he had to decline because of Sayu.[1]


Endou is another subordinate of Odagiri. When Yoshida declined Odagiri's invitation for a business trip, Endou stepped in a casual manner which caused Odagiri to be annoyed with his tone.[1]

Airi Gotou

Airi is Odagiri's superior. Airi is the managing director of the company which places her above Odagiri, who is a section manager. They are in very good terms and Airi can easily get favor from him.


  • The surname Odagiri means "small" (小) (o), "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da) and "off" (切) (kiri).


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