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Yoshida (吉田, Yoshida) is the main male character of the Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. series. He is a salaryman who lives alone in his apartment in Tokyo. One night, after being rejected by his boss, Airi Gotou, he had a fateful encounter with a runaway high school girl named Sayu Ogiwara.


Yoshida is a young man with short black hair, brown eyes, a pretty decent face, and a well-built stature.

He typically wears tucked-in plain white long sleeves, sometimes layered by a navy blue or black blazer, and a blue long tie usually in different styles and designs.


Living alone most of his life, Yoshida grew to be a highly independent person. He is an exceptional and reliable employee who is always dedicated to his work; pulling off overtime daily and even helps lighten the load of tasks of his colleagues.

He considers himself a man of virtue. Even though he barely knew Sayu Ogiwara he was more than willing to let her stay at his place and felt a sense of responsibility of guiding and watching over her. He is cordial towards others which baffles almost anyone who knew him. He is also a huge gentleman. Unlike most other men, he resists firmly to temptation as seen when Sayu was initially very seductive of him and asked him to make love with her. He believes that he should only do that with a woman whom he loves and that his feelings are also being reciprocated.

Because of his upright and serious nature, Yoshida is not good at dealing with women especially those who can control the flow of conversation. He only had one girlfriend throughout his life and it was a high school senior of his. Yoshida openly admitted that his type are mature, older women.


Five years ago, Yoshida applied for an IT company as a programmer and met Airi Gotou. Since then, he has been crushing over her for five years until he finally scored a date. After confessing his feelings, he was promptly rejected by Airi, who claimed that she already has a boyfriend. On his way home, he bumped into a high school girl squatting beneath a lamppost near his apartment. The girl, needing a place to stay, tried to seduce him into letting her stay over. Yoshida, although drunk and heartbroken, waved off her advances, but brought her over to his apartment.[1]


Sayu Ogiwara[]

Sayu is a runaway teenage girl who lives with Yoshida in his apartment. Among the men whom Sayu tried to seduce in order to have a roof over her head, Yoshida was the only one to ever turn her down and also the only one to let her stay without any demands. Yoshida felt that even though he and Sayu are complete strangers to each other, his moral principles will not allow him to just let a runaway high school girl with nothing be left to her own devices. Sayu was skeptical at first about Yoshida's unconditional kindness so she continued to make advances to him and coerced him to have sex with her, saying she does not mind if it was with him but Yoshida stood by his principle of not making love to a woman he does not like. For Yoshida, ever since Sayu came, his life has changed. Sayu's presence made Yoshida's place cozy and a home that made him to want to go home early. Yoshida proposed to Sayu to stay until she makes up her mind to return back home.[2]

Airi Gotou[]

Airi is Yoshida's boss and the woman he has been crushing on for five years. Just when Yoshida finally scored a date with her, he was rejected although this did not stop him from admiring her.[1] After that, they continued to be cordial with each other until Airi became suspicious of Yoshida who has been going home early and Yuzuha clinging into him. When they went out together to a restaurant the second time, Yoshida confronted Airi and asked why she's so interested in his actions. Airi confessed that she has liked Yoshida for a long time but rejected him because she felt he was only interested in her body and the relationship will not work out. Airi then told Yoshida that she will be the one to confess to him in the future and asked him to wait until then.[3] Yoshida then told Airi the truth about Sayu and the fact that they are living together.

Yuzuha Mishima[]

Yuzuha is Yoshida's subordinate and mentee. Yuzuha is a new recruit and was subsequently placed under Yoshida's supervision for a project. Unlike Yoshida, she is not serious and dedicated about work, much to Yoshida's annoyance. Over the time they have been together, Yuzuha developed feelings for Yoshida but the latter is too oblivious to notice. For Yoshida, she is nothing but a subordinate and friend.

Asami Yuuki[]

Asami is like a sister and a friend to Yoshida. They first met when Asami insisted to visit Sayu's place and meet the person she's living with.[4] She quickly saw through the false backstory made by Sayu and confronted Yoshida, who refused to elaborate details about Sayu. Asami respected Yoshida's decision and gave him a warning regarding Sayu's deceptiveness. Yoshida was once curious if Asami ever gets tired with her 'gal' way of speaking and used it to tease her.[5] Although they often bicker at each other, Yoshida appreciates Asami's friendship with Sayu.

Ao Kanda[]

Ao is Yoshida's ex-girlfriend and colleague. Ao was his senior in high school and was a pitcher for the school's softball team. They dated for a short while and when Ao graduated, she suddenly went off the grid and ghosted Yoshida thus breaking off their relationship.[6] After almost a decade, they met again as Ao was actually working in the same company as Yoshida's at a different branch.[7]


Hashimoto is Yoshida's married colleague and closest friend. He serves as Yoshida's advisor and confidant, listening to all his issues and problems and provides sound advice. Yoshida trusts him so greatly that he was the first one to know about Sayu's existence in his life. Hashimoto often teases Yoshida about his quirks.


  • The surname Yoshida means "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).


  • Yoshida's LINE ID is yoshida-man.[8]


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