Yuzuha Mishima (三島 柚葉, Mishima Yuzuha) is one of the supporting characters in the Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou. series. She is Yoshida's junior and mentee at the IT company who secretly has romantic feelings for him.


Yuzuha is a cute young woman with wavy neck-length light-brown hair and brown eyes. Although she has a small stature, her adult charms compensate for it. She often wears long sleeves layered by a blazer, slacks, and moccasins as her corporate attire.


Yuzuha generally has a laid-back personality. She remains relaxed and unfazed even if deadlines and tasks are piling up. Although she is highly capable of doing her job efficiently, she opts not to exert effort as she believes overworking will soon just result in death. Instead, she uses the favoritism she gets from her other superiors to her advantage.[1] The only time Yuzuha gets serious is when her behavior compromises Yoshida, as she likes him. Yuzuha is an avid movie watcher, but would not openly admit it to other people.


Yuzuha was a new recruit to the IT company Yoshida is working for. After jumping from one mentor to another on multiple projects, she was later assigned to Yoshida's project and became his new mentee.



Yoshida is Yuzuha's senior and mentor. Yuzuha is a newcomer and was placed under Yoshida's supervision for a project. Unlike Yoshida, she was not serious and dedicated about work, much to Yoshida's annoyance.[1] Over the time they have been together, Yuzuha developed feelings for Yoshida but the latter is too oblivious to notice. She constantly annoys Yoshida so that he'll notice her, but for Yoshida, she is nothing but a subordinate and friend.

Sayu Ogiwara

Sayu is like a sister and a friend to Yuzuha. Yuzuha first encountered Sayu in a nearby park after watching a movie with Yoshida.[2] When Yuzuha asked her name, Sayu at first intended to give a false one but stopped halfway, saying her real name instead. As Yuzuha accompanied her for the time being, they began to chat about the reason why she ran away. Yuzuha sympathizes with what Sayu was going through, saying that she herself ran away multiple times because of fights with her mother. Sayu was initially wary of Yuzuha and still felt jealous, but she noticed that the more she talked to her, it is as if her real feelings are being drawn out.[3]


  • The name Yuzuha means "grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit" (柚) (yuzu) and "leaf" (葉) (ha).
  • Yuzuha's surname Mishima means "three" (三) (mi) and "island" (島) (shima).


  • Based on illustrations and visuals, Yuzuha is the shortest character in the series.
  • Yuzuha is the only supporting character with a given name not starting in "A."


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